Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Cosmetics used to be only for around the eyes, but now you can match your eye shadow and makeup with cosmetic contact lenses, in a whole spectrum of colors and designs. The contacts themselves are not much different from the traditional ones you have been used to wearing, but they are enhanced by cosmetic properties, to give them an added dimension of function.

Cosmetic contact lenses work like regular lenses, and in order to buy them, you have to go through the same kinds of protocols that are required for purchasing any contacts. You will need to visit an eye care specialist and be fitted for a prescription after having your vision checked. Then the eye doctor will write a prescription for your contact lenses, and you can take that lens prescription to have it filled - but this time it will be filled against a colored lens. You may want to ask your eye doctor to first help you choose the right shade and color for you, by letting you experiment with the different colors. Most eye doctors can show you samples in their office, and they have methods of explaining and demonstrating the differences in shades and colors, as they apply to your particular eyes.

You may have dark eyes, and a particular color of cosmetic contact lenses will affect their appearance slightly differently that they will affect a person with light colored eyes. So your eye specialist can help you to determine not only the right prescription for your eyes but also the best match of tones and hues to fit your needs. Some kinds of contact lenses don't drastically change the color of your eyes, but they can dramatically change the intensity of your natural eye color.

Ask your eye doctor about cosmetic contact lenses, and discover a whole new reason to wear contacts.

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